Sunday, December 13, 2009

Got Snow????
Along the driveway where all the
snow had to be shoveled off to the side.


Beautiful White Snow on our Aspen Tree
Finally, blue skies!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sixteen Means She Can now DATE!!

Brooke turned 16 on November 30th.
This means that she can go on her first date.
Dylan was the one to take her out. They
went bowling and then had dinner.

Signs of Christmas!
The tree with the many, many
handmade Ornaments from friends.
Philip added more lights this year!
On the 7th, we woke up to this much snow.
School was canceled. It snowed all day long.
On Tuesday, school was on a 2-hour delay.
Rudy's doghouse has tons of snow on it.
Lights on the tree.
Ice cycles on the roof line.
Robins eating berries from the tree.
Once there was a (tiny) snowman.
Brooke and Preston sit back in the easy chair!

A Great Weekend!!!

My friend Cari came for the weekend since
she moved in January. She came to be at
my Ornament Party. The Friday she came,
we were able to go scrapbooking together.
We even made a shopping run to Kohls while
we were scrapbooking. We got a lot done.
I worked on making these ornaments for our
Relief Society Lesson handout to give to the
women in our ward.
The Ornament Party
Back row: Vivien, Tanya, Alison, Kellie,
Suzanne, Melody, Kim, Sabrina
Middle on the right: Courtney and Norma
Front Row: Rainee, Janice with baby Jenessa and Cari
We ate great food.
This year, I divided the girls into two teams. They
had to take turns covering their eyes with their
Santa hat and race to wrap a gift box. There were
prizes for the fastest group and one prize for
the neatest wrapped gift. I only wish that I would
have had my actual gifts inside each box so that
they would already be wrapped.
This is the ornament that I made this year.
Here are all the ornaments from this year's party.
This is something we all look forward to every year.
This ornament is from Tanya Turner. It's
one that she made a few years ago in
a smaller, glass bulb, and mine happened
to break. She knew how much I loved it, so
she made it for this year's party. This time she
put it in a large, plastic bulb. Unbelievable!!!
Do you think you could make this?
Brooke's 16th Birthday
We re-painted the room in a yellow
(it looks like the color of Country Crock butter)
We cut vinyl on Alison's Cricut machine to match
her new bedspread.
We recovered the photo board and re-painted
the photo frames.
Brooke's dresses has been several different
colors. We striped it and painted it black
this time. We added the flowers on the drawers too.
Philip and Brooke designed how the photos
would be displayed under the glass top
on her dresser. All in all, we think her room looks
elegant for a teenager. We told her we would
do this if for the month before her birthday, she
would make sure her bedroom was clean and
her bed was always made. Now she continues
to keep it nice and clean. We are all happy:)